Sunday, August 21, 2011

A day of Devony

Devony, my little monster. This kid is cute which is very deceptive. This is the child we have to keep on a leash, literally (Don't judge, If you had to walk with Devony you would to). I'm going to list out a few of Devony's better moves from the weekend.

1. She got stung by a bee. No, this really wasn't her fault, but had she not dumped pop down herself on purpose it wouldn't have attracted said bee.

2. Biting the balloons to hear them pop to the dismay of her siblings.

3. Dumping pepsi into a small garbage can and then putting it on her head. Funny, but messy.

4. She found out cat treats taste better than cat litter (she has pica, really she does doctor said so)

5. Woke her father up by climbing on his back and jumping.

6. Climbed up on the counter AGAIN and began to pull stuff out AGAIN!

7. Had a massive fit over a sucker. We're talking breath holding, real tears, rolling on the floor, worrying the neighbors are going to call the cops thinking we're killing her fit.

8. Gave me a hug, patted my face and said govgo mama (heart melting moment, pulled out the tissue), but then she bit me.

9. Soaked my bills in milk. Ok, I admit she was trying to be helpful ;)

10. Climbed to the top of the bunk bed, and ran to the other side every time I tried to catch her, while laughing.

This is just my short list. Please don't get my wrong, Devony is a little sweetie. She's funny, and daring, and loving, but most of all loving. She's my little baby girl and I adore her. As her second birthday approaches I know one day I'll look back and laugh at some of the things she's day.......maybe.


  1. I think Katie and Dev may be related lol! I just can't believe how close they are to two!! She is such a cutie pie.

  2. Well, outside of the pica, she sounds like a normal 2 year old. I think. My 16 year old used to dig the gum balls out from under the machines at the store and start chewing them before I could blink. People looked at me like I was crazy for "letting" him do that. Yes, because I taught him to go get the free gum ball.