Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kraft Macaroni and cheese (AKA Kraft Dinner)

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Review

I felt the need to do this review as it is a product that comes up a lot between my friends and I. Yes, I have had half hour or longer conversations about boxed food on many occasions. With seven kids at times I need to take the easy way out and with extremely picky kids Kraft is a great alternative when they don't like what's for dinner.

There have been many debates over what Kraft Macoroni and Cheese is really called. My wonderful Canadian friends call it Kraft dinner, some friends call it neon powder with noodles, I call it good! Apparently my Canadian friends and I are both right. Here in the states it's called Kraft macoroni and Cheese, there the box says Kraft Dinner. Strange I know. If you're in america it's a side dish, if you're in Canada apparently it's a main dish. I will say however, I have never seen it listed as neon powder and noodles on the box.

I owe Kraft Macoroni and Cheese a huge thank you for not forcing my son to starve to death over the years. We're talking about the worlds pickiest eater here. The kid is so sensitive to tastes and smells he will cry when my husband cooks sausage. I had to cook Mac and Cheese with almost every meal when he was little, to be sure he'd eat
something. Now that he's older Kraft is easy enough for him to make himself. He goes through about eight boxes a week. He'd eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner if we'd let him.
There are some benifits to Kraft Mac and Cheese I don't think many people know about. It's low in cholesterol, calcum, and protien. I can feel comfortable my kids are getting some good stuff when the enjoy this.

Kraft Macoroni and cheese is affordable, good, and most of all loved by my family. It's a product I can trust and our family will be enjoying for years to come.

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