Thursday, August 18, 2011

What Facebook? Spamming? 15 day ban?????? Seriously????

That's right I started my sentence yesterday in the jail of facebook. I am standing in the cyber corner unable to post on any pages. No silent tagging, no strolls, no marches, and why, because liking pages too fast is spammy. I suppose it would have been less spammy to have posted a nearly nude picture of myself (and I would have got more fans than silent tagging). Of course in retrospect I may have lost a lot of fans as hey ran away scared.
Now, I could see banning me if I was posting to other peoples walls trying to sell them stuff, but I wasn't. I am a simple blog about the funny things that happen in a large family. I love meeting new people and have actually made quite a few Friends and been introduced to some wonderful products while participating in silent tags and other networking games. I guess that I won't be doing those anymore since I'll be being watched by the all seeing eyes of facebooks spam robot, which is sad since facebook is a huge part of my life. You see with seven kids I don't get out much (see other posts about my kids, needless to say babysitters are not easy to find). I love finding unique gifts without having kids screaming in the middle of the store and being THAT mother. How does one order from facebook shops? That right, by posting on there walls which I can not.
I am not alone. Hundreds if not thousands of pages have been put in facebook jail to serve their 15 day sentence in just the last week. The pages range from blogs to animal shelters. Even soldier donation pages have been banned! I feel bad for the people who are losing money, the rescues who depend on facebook to find homes for animals. It's is horrible they have to deal with this!
I'm not going to leave facebook because of this. Yes, I am angry, but in all reality it's a social network it's not like I'm being kept from my family and fed bread and water. I love my groups and the ease of keeping up with my friends so to leave would only hurt me not facebook. I am however including an open letter to facebook, see below

You really need to fix this problem in your anti spamming system and for the love of God if you don't have customer service don't have a button for it on your phone system!!! You are hurting a lot of business and charities. With your team of computer genius's can't you have this fixed by would!

PS If you need a good customer service rep. I work for farmville credits (oh man, there I go spamming again!)


  1. I feel your pain! I had this problem with Facebook too when I tried to post my blog....frustrating to say the least!

  2. i just got banned for 15 days for posting my fan page on a lot of pages i think it is realy stupid and a load of rubbish, im not a computer trying to sell crap im a human trying to make a name