Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Interview with Janelle mama of 9

Tell us a little about you and your family

I am a 33 yr old SAHM who homeschools, my husband is 35 and works in construction.We are not rich,like many people seem to think..cause how else can we afford all these kids,right? lol We love our kids and do our hardest to make sure they know that they are special every day! We are a Christian family who is striving to bring glory to the Lord through our lives,and show others that big families are a blessing!

How many children do you have?

8 expecting #9

 How many bedrooms and bathrooms?

 5 bedrooms(one is used as a school room) 3 bathrooms.

Why did you choose to have a large family?

 It wasn't a decision we actually made until we had #6! Then we decided against birth control/permanent sterility and chose to let God be in control of our family size.

What is your parenting style?

 I tend to be strict and expect my kids to be respectful,yet I am always goofing around with them and we love to have fun together!

Do you feel in general that large families are eco-friendly?

Yes I do! We re-use clothes/toys more often then others.Shop the garage sales/thrift stores.Often make things and grow our own food to cut down on expenses,etc...

What is the rudest comment you ever got
 you respond?

 Wow,there have been so many! lol I think one of them would have to be a guy friend of my husbands asking me "didn't your mother ever teach you to say NO?" Me: " uummm I don't think I should have to say no,it's my husband!" 

The best thing about your family?

 We are all best friends and love each other so much,and genuinly enjoy spending time together! 

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  1. Janelle, is your husband still friends with that guy?