Monday, August 22, 2011

Our summer summery

Ah yes, summer is ending. The sweet sound of school buses coming down the street is soon to be reality rather than sounds I hear in my sleep. I love my kids, miss them when their gone for the day, but oh to only have two home for six hours. I have lists of things I can get done! No more eating from dawn til dusk (sometimes later). Not as much time for injuries and fighting.
Of course with school comes fighting to get kids to do their homework. The piles of backpacks, and old graded papers that lay on the table. Then winter, I dread winter. 9 coats thrown where ever they land. Scarves tied around chairs, missing gloves, snow tracked through the house! The dreaded parent teacher conferences, IEP meetings, and report cards. The band concerts, and chorus of 9 year olds who try their best. I forgot about these things.
This year like every previous year I have a goal to become more organized. I will have a bin for papers, hooks for coats, a perfect fool proof system. I know, I've said that every year, but this time I'll do it. The kids will help...maybe.
Anyway, I got myself all off topic. Here's a summery of summer 2011 in our house:

End of June- School is over! A bus load of screaming kids reminded me what I would hear for the next two months. five backpacks full of a years worth of projects, stubs of pencils, chewed up erasers, and some unidentifiable things get sent home. I quickly and carefully (you never know what you'll stick your hand in) sorted through them. Of course nothing salvageable to use for the next year.

July- HEAT WAVE!!!! Everyone was cranky. We did have a great Fourth of July where we tried to blow each other up with fireworks. Oh, the wonderful parenting skills. There were a lot of lazy beach days and grilling. If it wasn't for the temps ranging up to hell levels, it'd have been a perfect month, other than the whole Emma tearing her face up i a fight with the sidewalk.

August- The fair, the signal of the end of summer. It's always a lot of fun, but the kids know school is quickly upon them as they ride the Farris wheel and mini roller coasters, run by every strange person the venue could find. People of walmart would have a run for their money if someone did people of carnivals!!! I guess I shouldn't say that since my uncle kept telling Mathew he was going to be an orphan because the fair was going to keep us as a sideshow.

That's a quick summery. If I went into every detail we'd be here all day and frankly we had a fairly uneventful summer. As uneventful as you get with seven kids anyway. I won't tell you about the hair pulling, screaming fights between kids who'd been together much to long. I won't tell you the amount of bandages we went through (at least 200), to repair skinned knees, chunks of missing skin, and other such injuries. Seriously, I need to buy stock in Neosporian.

So welcome back school. I sure have missed you. Please be kind to me this year and limit the number of calls from teachers, help me help you. If Leanna hits a little girl that hits her first please don't call me and tell me she's gotten into trouble. It's not bad to defend ones self. Please don't call to let me know Janelle ran away because you took away her private aide. For this you will have one po'ed mommy there with murder on her mind. I suggest she is watched very closely! And for the love of God, don't pressure me to drug my child. If I ask you if she's getting into trouble and you say no, and that she's doing her work, and keeping up her grades then I will not medicate. Sloppy handwriting is not a reason for adderall! That is all I have to say now. I hope everyone has a great 2011-2012 school year!

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