Monday, August 22, 2011

Interview with D. X. Luc

Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home

Coming This October: Dorothy Gale found herself turning into an old maid, when all she wanted was adventure, love, and hot sex that ended up with her possibly bound and gagged. Alone, the only one in her life was her devoted and loyal dog, Toto. In her world, she held the leash.

Toto craved her every waking and sleeping moment, however a freak accident left him helping her find home from an alien world, under the pretense of a local by the name, T. Holding the secret of his true self, he protects the woman he loves and eventually has her bound and at his will. She was his and in his world, she wore the collar.

RATING: Erotica. Light BDSM, brief f/f scene, and forced submission.
GENRE: Fantasy Erotic Romance

ME: Tell the readers a little about yourself

D.X luc:  D. X. Luc here, mother to three beautiful children and four crazy pets. I have my degree in Psychology with a concentration in human sexuality. I've always enjoyed reading and I can't remember a time when I didn't have a book in my hand or on my computer. Romance, fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy were topics that caught my attention the most and when I started writing, they were what I stuck with. As a constant story teller, I remember telling my mother that when I grew up, I would be a writer. I never forgot this dream and it's great to see it coming true.

ME:  Do you have any other books planned?

D.X Luc: Yes! There's always a story poking at my brain and characters nagging for their turn lol. I am working on the next installment of the Down the Yellow Brick Road saga, as well as, a new series called The Dating Game.

ME: What was the biggest moment for you during the process of your book. Was it writing it, finding out it was accepted, getting your cover etc

D.X LUC:  Wow, the biggest moment. There were two really. Getting accepted was amazing, mainly because I had sent my story to twenty other places and was feeling discouraged. Of course it only takes one yes to send you on cloud nine! My cover was also pretty amazing. I had been waiting to hear back on the progress on it, then I just decided to check my book link and there it was! It was like seeing my written work come alive in a picture. I still stare at it to this day lol.

ME: I do the same thing with my books D.X

ME: Who's your favorite author.

D.X. LUC:  I have so many, I just love reading so much. But If I am given any chance to read one author, it would still be Ernest Hemingway. I'm a sucker for his writing and have been since I was a small child. 

ME: I'm a sucker for the classics too ;)

Me: . Being an author myself I know how hard it can be going through the editing process. What did you hate most about it, what did you love.

D.X. LUC:  I hated the tediousness of it. I mean, I was glad I had a friend read and find the problems for me to fix, but going through all those pages, fixing, adding, and reducing made me crazy. Of course, I loved finally being done. 

ME: How do you balance motherhood and writing?

D.X. LUC:  When I have that answer, I'll get back with you! Really though, it's tough sometimes. My youngest is eight months old and he needs me a lot. I also home school my six and seven year old children. Finding the time can be a bit tough and I usually end up not falling asleep until late. But I don't mind. Everyone knows sleep is overrated. 

ME: It really is overrated

ME: Tell me the best part about your book. (a character you loved, a special scene etc)

D.X. LUC:  I would have to say the chemistry between Toto and Dorothy are really great. I have one scene where I pay homage to the yellow brick road. For fans of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy and company find the brick road, they skip happily down it on their way to the Emerald City. I have my characters do the same, only they stop realizing just how silly it seems to be and instead just walks the way down. It was my humorous take on a classic moment. 

ME: Any advice for new authors trying to break into the market?

D.X. LUC: Don't give up. I was so tired of the declines that I almost didn't send my book into this publisher. It took my friends to give me to the courage to go one more time. And now my dream is coming true. It can happen, just know your options, know your genre and keep going no matter what!

Thank you so much for your time today, DX. I know I can't wait until October to read "Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home"!

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  1. Very good interview and I see you are a busy mom teaching your kids home is a lot work and writting I also want to thank your friend Stephanie for this interview and also for the nice blog . I will be waiting for your new book
    I wish you both a nice week