Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hot new toy!!!!!

Check out these cool new toy trucks!
Defiants 4x4s are mighty, mini, motorized 4x4s that can take on any challenge! Pocket-sized Defiants 4x4s have real gears, for Power, Speed and Freewheeling Action. What child wouldn't want to have a truck that can do all that?

Kids have so many options with these fully modular play sets and accessories. Each play set connects with every other set for rich, off-road action and expanding play value. They can customized into endless configurations for hours of fun. They have some pretty cool choices from Sink hole control to Brawl and fall. The play sets are really detailed and look like a ton of fun. For the child who is into the military they have the Blitz Force. This is a series of trucks and play sets that include Troop coupe and Gotcha.   

50 of these awesome trucks hit stores over the summer. They are available at Toy's R US, Walmsrt, and many other retailers. You won't have a problem finding them and your child will love them.

Check them out for more information or to get free downloads, games, and videos.

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