Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ever have one of those mornings?

Today was one of those days I knew was going to be all messed up from the moment I woke up. I didn't remember the house being that big a mess when I went to bed, which means either kids got up in the middle of the night or the older kids did it before school. There is a slight possibility it did look this way when  went to bed and just looked worse in the light of the day. No matter what was the cause I spend the first hour after waking up cleaning it up.

Devony woke up just after I got everyone n the bus. She grabbed her favorite toy, the paper Jamz guitar. There was a problem, it wouldn't work. So she kept handing me this guitar all upset saying bwoke bwoke. I begin the hunt for a screwdriver small enough to change the batteries. After about ten minutes and her sadly handing it to me for the fiftieth time, I realized it just needed turned on. Boy, I felt dumb. How many mommies does it take to fix a toy duhhh....

So then it's mommy baby time (AKA when Mathew screams at me until I pick him up). We are laying on the bed playing peek a boo, when he decided mommy didn't really need to see and scratched my eye. Owwwww!!!!!!!!!! It was instant pain, blindness, and watering. An hour later I'm still seeing fuzzy. Good thing I still have the drops from the last time I scratched my eye.

How many hours are left today? Not enough to finish my Mount Everest pile of laundry and to do the thousand other things OI need to. I guess sitting here isn't putting a dent in my work today. Anyone want to come do it for me? Anyone, man it got quiet!

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