Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So you're a little short and your ears are too big...

Today was the day for Leanna to go back to the doctor to take care of a few issues. One was her height (or lack there of). At the age of ten she is way shorter than her classmates, her sister is two years younger and two inches taller. You know it stunk for her when we went to the fair and they wouldn't let her on rides her little sister could go on!

I feel so bad when she comes home to tell me she's been teased about her height. I always remind her the benefits of being short. Yes, there are some. She's make a great jet pilot, or horse jockey. Apparently these choices of jobs are not her cup of tea. She said I want to be a vet and help animals. What if I can't reach them on the table. I thought fast and said you can get a stool.

So as we sat in the doctors office I debated bringing this up to the doctor again. When the nurse said she was only in one percentile height I figured I better bring it up. Thankfully she grew and inch in a half in the last six months s the doctor wasn't too concerned. That tells you how tiny she is when she grew that much and is still so low on the charts.

So she goes on and tells the doctor her ear hurts where she just got hem pierced. Apparently me telling her they were not swollen she just has big ears didn't cut it. I was right, big ears.  strive to tell my kids the good things about them and they like me are able to make jokes about other things. So as we were driving home and she asked me if she was going to be short forever I said: Look Leannna, your short and you have big ears, but your perfect and just the way you are suppose to be.

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