Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rent A Centers harassing practices!!!!

A long time ago we rented a dryer from Rent A Center. It was convenient because at the time we didn't have enough to go buy one. We will end up paying a lot more than the dryer was worth, but only owe like a hundred and something dollars left. Anyway payment came due Saturday, we are on Monday. My husband works nights and worked all weekend. The ad on pink eye and some belly issues in the house and we haven't gotten there yet. We were heading out this evening and planned to stop there while we were in the area. The store is a good distance from the house.

Now remember two days past payment date. I have gotten not kidding 6-8 calls a day from two different numbers, then I find out they called my husbands aunt! This isn't thousands of dollars we're talking about. The weekly payments are under thirty dollars.

I have been doing some research and see a ton of people complaining about Rent A Centers harassing practices. Seriously these guys put real debt collectors to shame. My tenants once fell behind on their payments and Rent A Center came into the building I own without asking. Went into a shared basement and took their washer. I understand repossession, but this is not my tenants property, it's mine and I don't like people coming into the building without permission!

I did buy a washer from Rent a Center a few years back, completely paid it off and never had an issue with them. I will NEVER do business with this company again. I'll use a credit card, or save in cash rather than be treated like a dead beat for being two days late. If I didn't have the darn thing almost paid off I'd tell them to come get it and be done with them.

I do understand a contract was signed and they expect payment on time. The fact we are two days late and they are being so harassing is what bothers me. Add to that the fact we are long time costumers and have a history of purchasing item from them at outrageously inflated prices. Does the amount of money and time constitute that many phone calls and calling other people, really?

They are not going to like me when I hit that store! And if we are such terrible costumers that you have to harass us like that why do they always send us letters and emails to buy more from them? This is just another reminder of what was lost with the mom and pop shops!

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