Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's all fun and game until...

It's all fun and games until... This is a sentence that can be finished in so many ways. I thought I'd share a few today.

1.) It's all fun and games until someone falls out of a tree.

This is what happens when a certain 9 year old decided mom was wrong to tell her not to climb the trees out front. She goes down the street climbs and falls fifteen feet out of it. Luckily she walked away with just a twisted ankle and the realization that sometimes mom is right.

2.) It's all fun and games until someone gets staples in their head.

This is what happens when children decide using an old metal paint can is an acceptable step stool while balancing on a chair, over the top of a tall box. Two stitches later they realize that yes mom is right once more.

3.) It's all fun and games until the rat gets eaten.

Oh, the sad lesson that was learned with this one. When a hamster cage is not securely closed the cats will eat it and after a three days search the cats will leave said rat at the foot of mom and dad's bed as a gift. Needless to say our latest hamster is alive and well because of this lesson.

4.) It's all fun and games until steam comes out of moms ears.

This is the result of a day when no one wants to listen! They do everything except what mom asks and are generally just LOUD! The lesson is mom's head steams, kids go to bed early.

5.) It's all fun and games until someone breaks a toe.

This happens when a mother is chasing a toddler and somehow manages to run into a doorway resulting in a toe broke in half. Not just fractured, literally broke in half. Lesson learned: Mom is clumsy which is why the children probably have so many accidents.

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  1. LMAO. I so could have written this. Especially #4 today. Hope tomorrow is better!