Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Going green big time- Recycling

Recycling used to be the thorn in my butt, but now hat we have a working system in my house it's actually quite convenient. It saves money, space, and the Earth. In my small city each house is given one city garbage can in which to use. This is fine for a normal size family, but for us not so much. Recycling has really cut back our garbage to the point we still have lots of room left over in the can at the end of the week. This never happened before we went green. I was always going neighbor to neighbor seeing who had room for a few more bags, but no more. What's even better is I used to go though a box of garbage bags a week. Now one box lasts me like three weeks. I suspect we'll save even more once we start our compost pile come spring!

Starting out recycling cost very little. I bought three of those plastic storage bins and marked them paper, plastic, metal. The kids sometimes mess up, but it's easy enough to pull a sheet of paper out f the plastic bin and put it where it belongs. Most cities provide a recycling bin, but again the size of our family requires a bigger bin. On garbage day the kids all drag out the bins and put them next to the garbage cans. It's that easy!

Recycling is another small step that makes a huge difference. I think it's even more important to recycle when you have a large family. I was shocked at the difference in the amount of garbage after we started. It really made me see the bad impact we'd been having on the environment. Now that it's become a habit I know my kids will continue to recycle the rest of their lives.

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