Monday, October 3, 2011

Going green big time- Hand me downs!

One of the things that makes large families green is pass me downs. Think about how much clothing one child goes through before they are eighteen. That would be a pretty big pile sitting in a landfill. Large families however, are all about pass me downs. I have one baby dress that is twelve years old and has gone through five girls. This is not a unique dress as we pass down anything that isn't stained, worn, or torn. I admit Leanna's clothes are a little harder to pass down than the other kids.
Everyone of my children has worn pass me downs and they always look nice enough. Okay again I admit Leanna is the child we call pig pen because she can go outside clean and within five minutes be filthy so she's the exception to the rule.
Not only do we use pass me downs, but we also give away the children's clothe to people who can use them. I have also accepted many bags of clothes over the years. By using clothes others have given me I also reduce the carbon footprint of other families. It's a huge never ending cycle of clothing passing.
Of course pass me downs are not only shirts and pants. Toys, books, strollers, and even cribs can be passed down. For seven children I have owned three cribs. It would have been less had some of them not been born so close together. Devony has eaten big chunks of her crib away or else I'd have been able to give that one away too.
Pass me downs are one of the easiest steps a family can take towards going green. It doesn't take any effort and you'll also be helping save money or helping out a family who needs it. Next time you go to throw out a shirt your child has outgrown see if you can find a place for it, there's always the salvation army!

Note **ruined clothes make great cleaning rags too**

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