Sunday, October 23, 2011

Paint, paint, everywhere...

So we were redoing the girls bedroom and turning another room into a playroom. So my husband leaves the bright green paint on top of the bunk beds while we go to eat dinner, BIG MISTAKE! So here we are sitting at the table eating dinner. All of us, but one...Nellie. She's not a big fan of turkey and wouldn't even sit at the table with us while we ate it. It never crossed my mind to ask Dave about the paint. I was too caught up in gravy covered goodness. That was my first mistake.

So here I am just about done eating when I get up to check on Devony who had finished eating and went off to play. Where do I find her? That's right in the playroom covered in bright green paint. She's have looked pretty sweet under a black light.

I didn't really look around the room, second mistake. I instead hurried Devony off to the bathroom and started the tub. I finally got back into the playroom and there it was, green paint on everything. She'd taken the roller and put one line down each piece of wall she could see, the closet door, inside a dresser drawer, and even the fish tank. This room as suppose to stay white. Maybe Nellie has better decorating sense and thought her way looked better? I'm not sure about that though, who ever heard of a neon green window?

If you are looking for me over the next few days, I'm probably still scraping up painting, cursing out Dave!

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