Friday, October 21, 2011


Storage Wars, our families newest favorite show, followed closely by Criminal Minds. That's right I let my kids watch Criminal Minds. Storage Wars is for some strange reason a highly addictive show, that makes people want to run out and start attending auctions to see if they can find a piece of treasure hidden away behind a padlock.

I have always been a huge history buff and love antiques so of course this show appealed to me, but why do my kids like it? Is it Barry Weiss and his crazy antics or perhaps they want to see the cool finds. No, it's the YUUUUUP. It has to be the YUUUUUP. I know this because lately it's all I hear an not only from the kids. This has become an acceptable way to answer questions. Honey do you want more soup, YUUUUUUP. Nellie do you go to go potty, YUUUUUUP. Sometimes I am so thankful to constantly hear my two year old say no!

I have to admit I am getting sucked into the YUUUUUUP. I found myself just this morning sending my friend a sound clip to her phone saying YUUUUP. Then I get on line and see her message to me that simply said YUUUUP, so I responded...that's a good dollar bill there. Which is another one of my husbands new favorite sayings. Driving down the street he'll point and a broken dresser on the side of the road and say, that's a good twenty dollar bill there. UGH! It's a never ending cycle.

If this continues on in my house you may find me in the kitchen saying, who wants carrots, I got carrots ere, I got carrots can I get green beans....... HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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