Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My name is Stephanie and I have a problem!

I am seriously addicted to the Salvation Army and garage sales. I am the person who buys the odd ball things just because they are old and cool. The vintage Las Vegas beer mug salt and pepper shakers, I got 'em. I am the person in the corners hunting for the weirdest pictures I can find or scouring through their glass and kitchen ware looking for something that catches my eye. I have found some pretty awesome books there. First addition Diary Of A Mad Housewife, a really old copy of Huckleberry Finn, all found on a trip to the SA.

Take my advise though if you start treasure hunting through second hand stores and garage sales for treasures, you'll become addicted to. You'll be the one flipping over serving spoons, squinting to see if there's a maker mark, or flipping through the pictures, looking for just one that has to be worth millions. You just know deep down one day you'll hit the jackpot and guess what it could happen! A man once paid a few dollars for what he thought was a reprint of the Declaration Of Independence, but it was real! For God's sake a copy could be sitting in one of my local thrift stores just waiting for me to happen upon it or possibly an Van Gogh. Can you imagine if I don't check once a week and someone else buys my retirement fund!

Now, don't get me wrong. You're not going to see me on hoarders anytime soon. I usually only buy a thing or two or nothing at all. What I do buy is pretty sweet though, and I love having around as conversation pieces. Here's a few examples of the things I have bought:

1. Salt and pepper shakers that grace my window sills in the kitchen. The coolest are my Beer Stein, Las Vegas vintage salt and pepper shakers. I have no intention of using these, they are strictly fun to look at. I pain 50 cents and they are worth $10 so not too bad.

2. A metal globe piggy bank with the worlds airports from the 40's. I saw one for sale online for $100. At the same garage sale I bought a vintage Disney clock that plays songs. I seen it online for over $300. Ours is missing a tiny little dial. What's did I pay you may ask, a quarter for the bank, seventy five cents for the clock!

3. Today we bought a Disney tin serving plate and a California tin plate, both are worth about $10 we paid 75 cents.

So as you can see we aren't getting rich...just yet. The day is coming when the clouds will open and a golden ray will shine down on my Monet. Remember what I said though, avoid the treasure hunt or you may be like me and by the way the Salvation Army has sale days so you can find your treasures cheaper.

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