Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Another school year has come to a close. Here's what my kids have taught me.

The Kindergartner.

Devony my sweet little angel taught me if you want to learn someones name on the bus you just bite them! I think she very well may have broke a record for kissing other kids, whether they wanted her to or not!

The 3rd grader:

Janelle has taught me that there is no permanent population in Antarctica. She also taught me that common core sucks ass!

The 6th grader:

My kind loving Emma has taught me that the preteen attitude can start before Jr. High! She also taught me that she can love her friends no matter who they are and what others think of them. I realllly love this about her.

The 8th grader:

That once kids are about to start high school suddenly checking in doesn't seem like it's a requirement. She also taught me wearing bandanna's in back in style. Whoop, finally somethings back from my teen years. Okay, so they wear theirs different. I'm still claiming that shit!

The two 10th graders.

The are teaching me that growing older happens fast and that it's been almost 20 years since I was in high school. TWENTY FREAKING YEARS!!! How did that happen. I was cool once. They also taught me that I don't have much longer to hold onto them so I have to make these last two years count!

My soon to be Pre-k baby.

He has taught me that I am going to get A LOT of calls from the Pre-k teacher. He has also taught me he will be the computer guru of his class.

Next year I will only have 2 babies at home. This both saddens and delights me. What seems odd to me is the fact that William will only be 3 when My first babies graduate high school. It reminds me that I will have small children and most likely be a grandmother at the same time. When David's 27 William will only be ten! Oh the age mathematics in a mega family! < Good thing they're not common core mathematics! Otherwise I'd have myself at 102 with a 5 year old!

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