Thursday, June 25, 2015

Of course you have to poop!

She looks cute but approach with caution! 

I have found a few things to be a guarantee in our family. I'm not sure how other families are. We are either completely normal or totally weird. I guess after posting this I will find out. I expect all my readers to be honest with me and tell me if we are strange (Beyond being strange for having 9 kids that is). So here goes:

Every time, and I mean every time it's time to clean someone has to poop. In fact everyone has to poop. They suddenly develop constipation too as it takes each person twenty minutes to go. The word cleaning must make the poop stick or something? Perhaps I should bring this up the next time they go to the ped.

If something of theirs comes up missing they are quick to know exactly which sibling must have did it. If something gets broke no one knows nothing. It must have been a mean fairy that comes in to break stuff and leaves to let the kids take the fall for it. In a family our size something gets broken daily. How is it no one ever sees anything?

At dinner someone always takes an hour to eat. This is usually a ploy to not have to clean up after dinner, do homework etc. Let there be the promise of ice cream or going outside after dinner and suddenly everyone is a speed eater! I mean they can put a hot dog down in two bites!

This one is mostly the teens. They will ask me for advice. If they don't like said advice I get yelled at and told to mind my own business.... I'm still trying to process that one. If anyone can help me out understanding let me know. And for the love of everything Holy NEVER!!!! NEVER EVER EVER EVER tell them the truth about how something looks on them if it looks bad. YOU WILL REGRET IT!

If someone is mean to one of the kids they are mean to all of the kids. Let someone pick on one of the younger siblings and there will be an older siblings right there to "deal with it". It's like having their own little secret service. However, when at home they have no problem making fun of each other or "accidentally" throwing something that "accidentally" hits someone, calling names, just being overall nasty at times.

The number one thing I can always count on. When I am at my wits end, when I feel like things can't possibly get any worse. There is a kid there to hug me, kiss me, make me laugh and I know deep down our family is perfectly fine!

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