Friday, June 26, 2015

Who decides what we buy?

I have never owned a rebel flag. I've never seen the purpose. I'm not southern. I can put claims on a family member fighting for the confederacy. In fact quite the opposite. I come from a long line of Pennsylvania farmers who fought for the north. I also can't claim to know the history of that flag and what it stood for, nor do I really care to find out. I kind of have been scanning past all the facebook posts. I will say however, take the flag down at the capital. Why? Because it shouldn't be there to begin with. Not because of what it does or doesn't stand for, but because all that should be there is the American flag and the state flag.

 I do have an issue with stores telling people what they can or can not buy. I mean come on now? Do we seriously live in an age where if one group of people are offended by something others can't buy it? As a Christian I am offended by this being sold::

I however, am not calling for it to stop being sold. People have a right to buy what they want and that is none of my business. People have a right to buy what they want no matter how others feel about it. It's sort of like freedom of speech. You can say what you want in America no matter how stupid or wrong it may be. 

Now I know not everyone is a Christian and isn't offended by such a book being sold so lets look at some other products sold by a company who stop allowing the confederate flag to be sold on their site. How about these for example: 

If those don't offend most people I don't know what will. I mean millions were killed under these symbols for their religion. Just saying....

Yet this is banned from being sold: 

Come on people I think we have a problem here!

What's next to get banned? When will we say enough we can make our own choices? 

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