Saturday, January 10, 2015

I love sweet reviews! I was lucky to get an opportunity to try Reese's spread. Well I sort of got to try it. My kids got to it before I could and ate the whole jar. I mean I couldn't even scrape the sides when they were done. So I had to go buy another jar to do the review. 

I thought for sure the flavor would be iffy. Peanut butter and chocolate are great together, but how can they possibly be blended together and keep their integrity and flavors? Reese's found a way. Of course I wouldn't expect less from the company who makes Reese cups. The texture was perfect as well. It wasn't too thick or sticky. It was easy to spread or dunk. 

My kids came up with a ton of delicious ideas to use the spread on. They made peanut butter, Reese's spread, and banana sandwiches. One loved the Reese's spread and cream cheese bagel, but the over all hit was the  Apple, pretzel, Reese's kabobs. 

This will for sure become a staple in our long as it lasts in there! 

I was given a free sample to try through Influenster, but my opinions are my own. 

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