Monday, January 26, 2015

Review: Abigail and The North Pole Adventure

It's no secret I am becoming a huge fan of Tali Carmi and for good reason, she is an amazing children's book author. Her books are simple enough for young children to read and enjoy, but well written enough that adults love them too. I could handle reading one of these books ten times in a night when my kids beg for me to read it just one more time. 

In this adventure Abigail finds herself once again visiting her grandparents where she is given the magic bike that can take her to cool places around the world for adventures. This time she is going to the North Pole. 

In the North Pole Abigail meets a new friend, Siku. He teaches her all about igloos and life in the north pole. While he's teaching her to ice fish a baby polar bear finds itself in trouble. Can Abigail and Siku save him? 

This book shows children once again that kids can be heroes too, It teaches them so much about life in the north pole and the animals there. The illustrations were wonderful and drew the reader into the story deeper. 

I would recommend this book for kids 4-8 and think it's easy enough to read for beginner readers. 

I received this book free in return for a review. My opinions are my own. 

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