Tuesday, January 6, 2015

You know what sucks?

Permanent markers suck! They suck when they are on your wall, cupboards, and yes even kids. I will never understand why one kid stands there and lets the other kid give them a cat face. More so when said kid is 13! Seriously! You didn't realize it wasn't going to come off when you washed your face? I loathe permanent markers and so do my walls! You know what else sucks? Family dinner kits or frozen family meals. LIES! One of those wouldn't feed a family of 4 let alone even come close to my family. We'd need like 6 packages to even remotely feed my tribe. I want to see a taco kit made for 20! That would make my day. We like literally have to use 5 lb.s of taco meat which again comes back to buying multiple boxes/kits of everything. What sucks beyond the realm of suckdomhood though, is the world my kids are growing up in. Yes, I know the world I grew up in wasn't perfect, but I don't remember police being hunted like wild game. I don't remember going to my mom with a fear my school was going to get shot up. There is nothing worse than trying to console a middle schooler and knowing in the back of your mind when you tell them it will never happen in their school you're lying. It could happen in their school. I hate that when my kindergartner catches me watching the news and sees a plane crash she automatically thinks it was shot down by bad guys. IT SUCKS! IT MAKES ME MAD! I am so mad that my kids may never know a semi peaceful world where they don't fear death every time they go to school or the mall. It sucks that they will see so much more horror than we did as children. I wonder sometimes if the world will be better or worse for my grandchildren and all I can do is pray for the better. I do my best as a parent to not allow my kids to live in fear. They go off with friends places all the time. They go to movies, parks, games, and pretty much everywhere I went as a kid. I just want them to live, really, really live. I don't want to raise a group of kids cowering in the corner from the next attack. I want to raise a group of children who will prevent the next attack. Who will make the world a better and safer place. I raise them with morals and acceptance of all people and I hope that by doing so I am creating a line of generations to come that will do the same. It's by teaching real love and acceptance that we can kill all the hatred and senseless murder in the world. If we really understood love thy neighbor and really did so. If we teach our children everyone is equal no matter color, religion, gender, etc. It's alright to have religious views that don't agree with everyone's lifestyles, it's not okay to use those views to hate. I hope I live long enough to see a world that doesn't suck. One where my kids and their kids will be able to see the beauty in every moment without the fear of what will happen in the next minute. And that my friends is mother's rant for the day. Take from it what you will.

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