Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wait!! let me take a picture!

This has become a common saying in my house. It always seems my kids do something funny or picture worthy when I don't have my camera so I yell WAIT! let me take a picture. Usually this involves someone hanging off something (they may or may not be crying in fear at the time) as I run to get my camera. I always wondered why my own mother didn't have pictures on me with my foot stuck in the crib bars, or my head stuck in a chair. I mean come on it's like she helped me right away or something. Did she not care enough about everyone else s amusement with my antics? Monets like these could have been missed. Gone forever:

Then there is the ever popular injury and sickness photos. I am so guilty of plastering these pictures on facebook. My kids clumsiness forever chronicled on the internet. Yes, one day when they look back and ask where'd I get this scar I can say look under 2012 in my facebook and you'll see. Here are some of my better ones, we'll call them staph stitches, and stupidity:

Then there are the pictures I post that I want to share my absolute joy with the world:

So I think I may just keep a camera around my neck from now on, just to make sure no one falls off anything or bleeds to death while they wait for me to grab my camera. Hey man, facebook wants to know!!!!!

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