Monday, January 19, 2015

Pregnancy then and now

I was thinking back to when I was pregnant at 25 and when I was pregnant with my last. Those ten years made such a huge difference. I guess it's been on my mind a lot lately while trying to decide on a bigger family. So here are the difference ten years made with me.

AT 25:

First trimester: This isn't so bad, I don't know why so many people complain about pregnancy.

On food: Order a salad with NO TUNA!!! Tuna has mercury. And caffeine is the devil when you're pregnant. No caffeine ever. In fact to be safe drink all water all the time.

Back pain: What back pain I'm 30 weeks and can run a marathon.

Weight gain: I have to watch how much I gain or else I'll get fat.


Baby: It was all worth it!

At 35:

First trimester: I am never going to survive another 39 weeks. Why did I do this again?

On food: Give me the biggest tuna salad you have with a large Pepsi.

Back pain: I AM GOING TO DIE! I can't walk, I can't lay, I can't sit. There has to be a safe pain killer, isn't there?

Weight gain: Give me a chocolate doughnut stuffed with pudding. I'm already fat anyway. Bun's of steel, HA, I have buns of sag.

Delivery: I got this!

Baby: It was all worth it

Yes, those ten years changed a lot in how I felt and viewed pregnancy. I was more tired, more achy, and more stressed, but in some ways I was way more prepared. I also think age has made me a better mother and mellower. I don't cry over spilled milk or crayon on the wall, because I know exactly how fast it goes by, So what will pregnancy bring over 35? Only time will tell if I will find out.

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