Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The battle of the wall

Do you hear that? It's the sound of a war raging in my house. This war has been escalating for a little over a month now and shows no sign of resolution. I'm not even sure the UN could find a solution to this problem. The issue? Who has ownership of which wall in the teen room. Like any other turf battle I'm not sure this will come to a conclusions without injuries.

 Back in October Sara hung up a few pictures of homecoming. That turned into her also hanging up a few pictures she drew that was it. A few things hanging high up in the corner of her room above her bed. Leanna then said well can I hang stuff too? Sara informed her that she could only hang stuff on her side of the room. This to Leanna meant I must cover every inch of my room with index cards with song lyrics, pictures she has drawn, and about 500 pictures of a boy band called 5 Seconds of Summer or something like that (To me they look like the boy band version of Green Day if you can picture that travesty.). Apparently, Sara is not a big fan of 5 Seconds of summer and thought she'd rip down one of Leanna's posters she peeled out of Teen Beat magazine. This then turned into a screaming fit from Leanna about how Sara had to buy her a new magazine and how she couldn't touch stuff on HER wall. Of course Sara just smiled and walked away (To this day said magazine has not been replaced).

Leanna wasn't letting that set back slow her down in her decorating turf war crusade. Every time she saves any money she buys another teen magazine and a roll of tape disappears. A few hours later Leanna emerges from their bedroom look victorious. No one in the house is exempt from being lured to take sides. I have to hear about it 20 times a day, but I stand my ground as Switzerland. Even the poor baby isn't exempt. When Sara had him in there she kept telling Leanna he was looking at her wall with disgust. Now if a 8 month old baby even understands disgust I'm not sure I think it was more a look of gas. Friends, family, and anyone else who happens to stumble through our front doors are drawn into this battle.

SIDES MUST BE TAKEN! So now my friends I ask you whose side do you take? Who is right in the battle of the wall? Neat and clean Sara who wants everything just right, or wallpapering decide. Save not only my sanity, but also the poor faces of Five seconds of summer before Sara tears them, colors on them, or finds 9000 other creative ways to ruin them all. Remember the facts: Sara said Leanna could do what she wanted with HER wall. Sara is a neat freak. They never agree on anything. Five seconds of summer is a freaky boy band. All Sara's pictures are of her posing with friends because Sara loves Sara.

                                                                 Leanna's wall

Sara's wall

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  1. Lol. Sassypants if I had to choose sides I'll take sassypants lol