Monday, January 12, 2015

Stages a mother goes through while watching Frozen

1st time watching: Oh this is cute. I should buy the dvd when it comes out.

Biggest mistake buys the dvd when it came out.

2nd time watching it: I remember how much I loved Disney princess when I was little. So glad my kids do too.

3rd time watching it (same day): They'll get sick of it soon enough. At least I can get the dishes done

4th time watching it: Do you wanna build a snowman....

10th time watching it (same week bought dvd): Do you wanna kill a snowman? And maybe Elsa too...

15th viewing: You're kind of rooting for the snow monster.

20th viewing: oops the dvd came up missing. You have no idea where it could be **wink wink** kid finds dvd in cupboard. You're screwed.

50th viewing: You kind of wish Kristoff would get impaled instead of Oloff

Child asks Santa for everything Frozen for Christmas. Parents are fighting in store over Frozen things...

60th viewing: Crap They have the 2 year old singing about the freaking snowman!

70th viewing: You add your own not child friendly commentary from the other room.

80th viewing: You give your child headphones which not only turns into a fight for the headphones, but said child knows movie word for word and every son and goes along with the movie LOUDLY!

90th viewing: You are absolutely convinced that Disney does in fact use subliminal messaging to children.

100th viewing: Darn the DVD broke and the stores all sold out!

I never claimed to be a good parent!

101 viewing: Teen finds Frozen on demand while babysitting **Facepalm**


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