Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Why toddlers and babies don't mix

I have had toddlers and babies at the same time for the past 17 years and it's not always fun, but sometimes it's funny. As Taryn was playing with William this morning I was reminded why toddlers and babies don't always mix. She decided it was a good idea to let him chew on Mathew's sneaker. For some reason I have found over the years if a baby can get their hands on a sneaker it's the best chew toy ever. I guess they are sort of like puppies in that way.

It's not only shoes a toddler will give a baby to chew on. Food! Toddlers can not be trusted around babies with food. I can't tell you the amount of things I have had to fish out of babies mouths over the years. Everything from potato chips to M&M's (Yes, we are healthy eaters as you can see).

If the things toddlers give babies wasn't enough there's the occasional game of catch, which is really just a ball bouncing off the baby's head and the toddler wondering why baby is crying. Toddlers also see babies as toys themselves. They will try to pick them up, dress them up, or force them into some strange game of tea party mixed with martial arts. Seriously, William has worn more tiara's and been made so pwetty more times than I can count. Worst of all I think he likes it.

Never turn your back! Not even for a second!

Of course there are the really sweet moments like the kisses and the I wuv da baby. The cuddles, and smiles. The laughter and fun. They get to grow up together and be best of friends (Or sometimes worst enemies). It's not entirely bad, just takes some adjustment and the ability to see the awesome, beautiful moments we sometimes overlook!

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