Thursday, January 22, 2015

Milestones that should be in a baby book

Sometimes when my babies do something I'm like why don't they have a spot for this in the baby book? The first time baby puked on you would fit in perfect between first smile and first tooth. I guess the authors don't want to take away from the mushy mush milestones that everyone posts about on facebook. If I was to write a baby book though I'd call it the good, the bad, and the nasty! All us mothers know babies leak from everywhere and at some point you're getting it on you, so why not record it so one day your child knows what you went through! So here is the top 10 list of things I'd include in my baby book:

1. The first time baby played in their own poop

2. The first time baby peed on me

3. The first time poop oozed out of the side of the diaper on me

4. The first time baby bounced their head off a hard surface 

5. First time baby bit your nipple hard enough to make you cry

6. First time baby dumps their food over their own head

7. First time baby tries to gouge out your eyes with their baby claws

8. First time baby clears a room with diaper

9. First smile that was actually gas

10. The first time you had to clean up a diaper explosion that required the throwing out of clothes (yours or babys)

My list may differ from others and there are about 100 more things I can add. If you were writing a real baby book what would you add? 

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