Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The pros and cons of having #10


Hearing everyone's comments
-Don't you think you have enough?
-Are you trying to get a TV show?
-Going for 19 and counting?
-You're being greedy

Having to rearrange bedrooms again

Having to buy all new stuff if it's a girl since I gave everything to my niece

Having a baby while having children graduating high school

DIAPERS! I have been changing diapers for 17 years.


Another baby!

An even number. It seems so strange to just stop at 9

Could possibly even out the girl to boy ratio

Another baby (did I already say that?)

More love

Justification for having so much baby stuff laying around

Baby smiles and baby smell

Okay that's my short lists of pros and cons. We are seriously up in the air whether or not we would like to have more kids. Part of me screams, what are you, crazy? While the other part of me says you're getting older you don't want to have regrets.

I also have to think about where my other kids stand. Sara (the oldest daughter)  is terrified I'll die if I have more whereas Mathew is always asking for another baby. Then again it'd be strange to have or not have a child for my other children.

I'm getting older and these choices have to be made soon and it's all so much to take in. I wish the right answer would just slap me in the forehead and say this is the thing to do and everything will be alright.

I suppose all families go through this whether it's for baby #1 or baby #21. What things did you take into consideration when deciding whether or not to have more children?


  1. We stopped at three, and that was still an interesting decision. Should we have one more and try for that girl everyone keeps harping on about? Three will still fit in the car we have, if we have another, we have to budget for a new car too. If we have a 4th boy, nobody stops harping on the girl we don't have.

    Then there was the fact that my body responds to pregnancy with high blood pressure, making me high risk. Did we really want to put my body through that again? Was it worth the risk to my health to try for #4, knowing I might be put on bed rest for more than half the pregnancy. Could our finances weather me being out of work for so long?

    In the end, we decided to stop at 3, without a girl, without worrying about a new car yet, or me being out of work for an extended period of time.

    It's a really personal decision, and we each have to do what is right for us and our families.

  2. You know I still have that child lending program right ;)