Sunday, January 11, 2015

Teens: They used to be cute little kids.

I have teens! The words that when uttered by any parent sends shivers down peoples spines. There is nothing louder, meaner, and more self centered than teens! They eat...A LOT. They bring other teens with them to eat too. The cost more than they did when they were wearing diapers and begging for the coolest new toys. Their sneakers alone could buy enough diapers to last William a month. On top of all the expensive clothes and shoes they always have their hands out wanting more. I need money for the movies, but mommmmm everyone is going to Tim Hortons before school. One of the worst things about having teens-DATING! Oh please Lord give me the strength to make it through dating! I suppose we should have made our rules about dating years ago, but it came on so fast we weren't prepared. Now we are forced to figure it out as we go. On the plus side by the time Taryn is dating we'll have this down.

I swear these teens used to be so cute and sweet. David was my sweet prince, Sara was my princess. Someone please tell me what happened? I want to know where my darling little towheads went and who replaced them with these tall people with hair that changes color monthly. Seriously I never know what color Sara's hair will be from one day to another. she just recently said she wanted to go back to her natural color and I was all do you remember what that is?

Yes teens not quite adults and not quite kids. They are stuck in that horrible, awkward place between the two stages. I wish I could stay angry at them when they are mad or rude, but then I remind myself that I was once where they are and you couldn't pay me a million dollars to go back to those days. I know now why my parents said not to do this or that, but back then I really didn't get it. I was grown after all. I remember how really important social status was to me, and grades, and all my friends drama was my drama. Yes, being a teen sucked big time. Anyone who claims to have come out of their teen years unscathed is probably not remembering them clearly. We all had our issues at that age.

I remember my mom looking at me years ago and saying I hope you have a daughter and she acts just like you AND I DID! Funny thing is my gram once said I was just like my mom. I suppose all teens are pretty similar in most ways. Now don't go thinking I'm saying all teens are bad. My son is a dream. Easy as can be, but he too has the ability to drive me to madness from time to time.

I suppose what drove me to write this post was seeing people say really negative things about teens and in particular their teens. Chances are they are just like you when you were that age. They have similar issues and even similar excitement. One has to take time to really listen to their teens to understand. I used to get excited when a friend of mine started dating someone they'd been crushing on and the same goes for my teens. I have hugged my daughter as she cried through a broken heart and agreed with her when she was angry about something (even if I didn't agree with her every time).

Just remember each time you think it can't get any worse with your teens THEY ARE JUST LIKE YOU! Remember how hard it was being a teen and try to let some things slide off your shoulder. After all soon enough those teens are going to see you were right. You just have to sit back and wait ten or fifteen years...and take a lot of xanax.    

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