Thursday, January 8, 2015

Je Suis Charlie!!!!!!!

                                 The pen is mightier than the sword. -Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

I was an author. I wrote five ebooks and then retired after my sixth child. The news of what happened in France has hit me hard. Why? Because I truly believe in freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Whether I agree with things that are written or put out in the media doesn't matter. Just as if someone didn't like what I put out there. It is my right! It's a scary day when a person is murdered for doing their job. It's been happening a lot lately too. Not only in France, but here in the US. Look at those police officers in NYC killed simply for wanting to protect and serve. Of course the difference being an artist doesn't put their life on the line everyday when they go to work. These were peaceful artist who never imagined their job would put them in the cross hairs of a killers gun. 

I am Charlie. I am an artist and I use words. What if one day someone showed up and said I don't like what you wrote so I'm going to kill you and everyone who helped you put it out there. I'm not scared and neither should any other artist be. The pen is mightier than the sword. Stand up taller, write more, draw more, dance more. It is your right and your freedom to do so. Not everyone will like or agree with what you do, but if you love it do it anyway. You are Charlie! We are Charlie. It's time all of us with the ability to use our arts to preach peace and love to do so. I HATE TERROR! I HATE MURDER! THE MEN ARE EVIL and I am not afraid. Authors go to your face books and announce you are Charlie. Artist draw the words I am Charlie. Stand with the French as they mourn the loss of their brothers. Hold up a pen as they do and scream out I AM CHARLIE!!!!!! There are very few things I cherish as an author as much as my freedom of speech and my freedom of press! I will continue to use my words to do what I do and I'm happy to see so will Charlie Hebdo. The word lives on! They are Charlie.

• Charb – (real name Stephane Charbonnier) 47, an artist and publisher of Charlie Hebdo
• Cabu – (real name Jean Cabut) 76, the lead cartoonist for Charlie Hebdo
• Georges Wolinski – 80, an artist who had been drawing cartoons since the 1960s
• Tignous – (real name Bernard Verlhac) 57, a member of Cartoonists for Peace
• Honoré – (real name Philippe Honoré) 73, the artist who drew the last cartoon tweeted by the weekly publication
• Bernard Maris – (known as “Uncle Bernard”) 68, an economist and columnist for the magazine
• Michel Renaud – a former journalist who was visiting the Charlie Hebdo offices
• Mustapha Ourrad – a copy-editor for Charlie Hebdo
• Elsa Cayat – a columnist and analyst for Charlie Hebdo
• Frederic Boisseau – a building maintenance worker
• Franck Brinsolaro – 49, a policeman appointed to head security for Charb
• Ahmed Merabet – 42, a police officer and member of the 11th arrondissement brigade

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