Thursday, January 8, 2015

Review Jammy Jams Pop Goes the lullaby


Our house has no choice but to keep up on modern pop music. We have two teen girls in the house after all. I have a five year old who can sing word for word just about any song that comes on the radio and a two year old who tries with all her might to do the same. Then all the teens and their friends giggle and post it on their snapchats that Sara and Leanna's awesome little sisters are so cool. If it was up to me they be listening to Metallica and the Beatles, but clearly I am not as cool as their older sisters.

The other night I was listening to Jammy Jams when the oldest daughter came in and caught me smiling. She gave me that look all teens give their moms that tells me I'm old and uncool then asked what I was smiling about. I decided to play a game with her and see if she could name each of the lullaby's as they played. Within a few minutes she could name all but two and was like I should have gotten that! For a minute I felt a little less uncool.

That evening I played the album for my little kids and they all enjoyed it and the baby even went to sleep. I was like whoa this worked! The next day my three year old asked to listen to it again and I caught the five year old adding the words. The best thing was hearing the sounds of Jammy Jams coming from my oldest daughters phone as she was going to sleep.

Over all I would have to say this was a great album for children and even catches the attention of older kids too. Any younger parent or families with teens and babies will get a huge kick out of this. I know it would be a hit in just about any household though. The music has been changed in a way that keeps the integrity of the original songs, but makes them soft and gentle for the youngest of listeners. This will be something that will be used for years in our house.

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