Friday, May 29, 2015

Bubble Therapy Pure & Natural Bubble Bath, 3 in 1 Review

My whole family has sensitive skin and usually can't use bubble bath. I was thrilled to give this a try as it's all natural. With ingredients like oatmilk and chamomile this is actually good for the skin! 
I also love that this is three in one. I can wash the kids with the same bottle as I made their bath. Best of all they smell great afterward. I have to admit the scent of this is addicting! It's almost citrusy. I am also glad it didn't leave a nasty film on our skin. We didn't have that slimy feel bubble baths sometimes leave on the skin. It's nice to not have to take a shower after a bath.  

This bubble bath really bubbles up beautifully. Much better than most of the bubble baths on the market. The kids loved making beards and bubble hats out of it. The bubbles also lasted a really long time. 

Overall this is a great product I would recommend to friends and family. 

I received this to review. My opinion is my own. 

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