Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday thoughts: Teen Mom sucked me in.... AGAIN

I wish that I could say I watch teen mom with my kids, but no it's my private guilty pleasure. Perhaps it's because I was sort of a teen mom. I was just short of 19 when we had our oldest. Not quite 16, but not quite an adult either. It was hard being caught between being a kid and an adult and then having a kid myself. There was some things I did know though. The most important being my kid would learn from me and the things around him.

I see Farrah (who never should have been brought back) and think she is by far the meanest, most stuck up, cry baby I have ever seen. She treats people like garbage and has a sick sense of entitlement that make me think maybe she has  Narcissistic Personality disorder. All the other girls on the show have grown and matured. Yes, some had some major issues, but they moved past it and bettered themselves, but not Farrah. She's the same mean spirited person she's been since the show started. Let me tell you what if I ever saw my kids treat people the way she does even if she was 23 I'd knock her on her ass and put her in her place real fast. Though I have a feeling this is a chain of events that started when she was a child and will probably be passed onto her own children.

Now usually I wouldn't say anything as it's a reality show that doesn't effect my life, however the other people on the show are actually pretty good role models in a learn from them don't make the same mistakes kind of way. I also think they are good for young mothers to learn from, except Farrah. She adds nothing to the show except drama and meanness. I would never want my kids looking up to her. More so since she's done porn and half of her body is fake.

Katlyn is a great advocate for adoption and showing it may not always be easy, but that it's a good choice and can be rewarding. I have no doubt they will be awesome parents to their newest blessing and will always have an extended family in their daughters parents lives.

Maci- What an amazing woman she has become. She's educated, patient, and does what's best for her kid. There isn't enough I can say about her. I think she treats the people in her life wonderfully and is genuine and real.

Amber- Oh Amber! I would never have held out much hope for her, but how she shocked everyone. She's an amazing person who has overcome so much. She's a great mama and person. I think she has more to give than even she realizes. I know her future only holds great things and she will teach so many teens from her experiences!

Farrah- Let's just hope she follows the other girls examples!

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