Friday, May 1, 2015

I'd beat my kid too!

I am not all about capital punishment, but I'm not against a parents right to spank their child if they need it. I was spanked often by my grandparents growing up, but when I was I deserved it. I was about 16 when I looked my grandfather in the face and called him a SOB (I said it though I didn't use the letters) next thing I knew I was sitting on the floor. That was the only time as a teen I remember him ever hitting me and I deserved it. Who was I to disrespect the man who was raising me, fed me, clothed me, etc. At the time I didn't see it that way and narked him out to my gram. I'm sure there were many other times I deserved it as well, but that man had the restraint of a saint!

Now in the past week I see people criticizing Toya Graham, the woman who beat her sons ass for rioting in Baltimore. People saying they don't understand why people are praising her. Let me tell you why, because if it was my kid I'd have beat him too. If it was most peoples kids I know they'd have beat him. The problem is people are scared to parent their children. If I had been in the streets being a dumb ass at that age I know for a fact I'd have been hunted down as well and my grandfather would have beat the stupid out of me. As a mother who loves her kids I'd have done the same as well. Not only for the fact that they are destroying, rioting, and being disrespectful, but to protect them. I an't imagine the terrible things that could happen to a kid in situations like that.

Yes, I loved seeing Miss Graham doing what she did. I wanted to stand and cheer. That's a mother who loves her kid enough to put herself in harms way to get him out of harms way. She's a mother who did what other mothers were scared to. I think she's brave, secure, and loving.

New agencies were printing and talking to people who said she was perpetuating the stereotypical black mother beating the thug out of her kid. No, she was a damn good mother beating the stupid out of him. A mother called to action to save her son. I don't care white, black, green, yellow, rich, or poor, any good mother would have gone in there and dragged their child out too.

You have every right to disagree with me. This is just my opinion, but in my world I know I'd have done the same. As parents we do the best we can and hope we don't screw our kids up too bad. I just wrote this post to say: WAY TO GO MISS GRAHAM!!!! You have my vote as mother of the year. Keep up the good work and your kids will go far!

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