Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother said so Monday!

I find myself saying because I said so a lot. I always hated hearing this as a response to questions when I was a kid, but now I understand. Because I said so is a lot easier than arguing or going into a long drawn out conversation. Because I said so is just that, no explanation needed. Here are a few things I said because I said so to this week:

Sara:  Can I go to this one party this weekend?
Me: Whose party
Sara: A friend of a friend. I don't really know him.
Me: NO
Sara: Why
Me: Because I said so.

This was easeir than saying: Are you out of your freaking mind wanting to go to a party of someone you don't know. Do you know the things that can happen?

Me: Mathew you can't pee in the backyard pull your pants up.
Mathew: Why
Me: Because I said so.

What this saved me from saying is: Son, no one wants to see your winkie, step in your pee, and when you're older you'll get arrested for that!

Me: Leanna you can't wear that to school.
Leanna: Why
Me: Cause they are cootchie cutters
Leanna: Yeah.......... so why?
Me: Cause I said so.
What I wanted to say: Class not ass (Stolen from a reality show)

Yes, why knows no age limits. I have a feeling they'll be saying why when they are 30! These are just a few examples. Stay tuned til next week for a new installment of Mother says so Monday.

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