Wednesday, February 25, 2015

6000 Piece Loom Band set (10 colors) Review

Every wonder what 6000 loom bands look like? I need not wonder anymore. Like every other kid in America my kids love these. They will youtube videos on how to make new creations with them. They were so excited when these came in the mail. I think we were all shocked by just how many came in the set. They called over a few friends and the party was on! They created bracelet after bracelet They spent hours creating and still had tons of bands left. 
These bands are great quality. They don't break easily and certainly aren't cheaply made. This is a wonderful product for large families like mine. Plenty to go around without having to by five different units. 
There are plenty of colors so that kids can use their imaginations and make just about anything. They are so creative! I love all the different shades and that everyone's favorite color was included.

I would recommend this to anyone who has children who love to make things out of loom bands. 
You can buy this here.

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