Tuesday, February 24, 2015

When my toddler choked

I don't want to scare you, but chances are your child will choke at one point or another. Hopefully just minor, but it's so important to be prepared. I wasn't the first time my oldest choked and it could have turned out very badly. If you have the opportunity to take a CPR course jump on it! It may save your child's life.

With my oldest he came over to me and I could see his lips turning blue. I had no idea what he could be choking on. I was great about keeping small things away from him. I was that over protective, know it all mother. I didn't know what to do and just picked him up, put him over my legs and smacked him on the back. This was WRONG! Thankfully he did throw it up and ironic enough he had been choking on a Lifesaver. He is now 17 and is still banned from ever eating Lifesavers. The kids joke about my ban on these candies.

It was soon after that I took a CPR course and learned the proper way of helping a choking baby/toddler. I haven't really had to use what I learned until a few months back when the kids gave my two year old a candy that was too big and hard. she choked and she coked BAD! This time even though I knew what to do I couldn't get her to stop choking right away. My mother called 911 as I continued to work on her. It seemed like forever before the candy came out and she took a huge gasp of air, but it was only a few moments. If I hadn't been able to stay calm and know what to do the outcome most likely would have been way worse.

You can find a CPR class by googling. Make sure they teach infant and child CPR as well. Also make sure your babysitters know what to do. I can be a matter of life and death. For now here's a youtube video. Watch it, learn it!

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