Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Let him wear pink!

Mathew and William have A LOT of older sisters. They have been forced to wear so many things as babies and they were helpless to fight it. What made me think of this today is when Sweet Tee put a teething necklace on William and told him he's a pwincess <not a spelling error. Sweet Tee has used William as her dress up toy since he's been able to hold his head up. He has donned tiara's, bracelets, I'm pretty sure he would have had his nails done had I not stepped in. He's too young to protest, but Mathew's not.

Now that we're on the subject of Mathew he doesn't know "gender colors" so to say. I think this is a pretty cool thing. He once stole his sisters Minnie Mouse PJ's because he loves Minnie Mouse and that's okay! He loves to have his toenails painted and he carries a purse...full of matchbox cars. He has no issues playing war with transformers and barbie dolls. I know this will make him a better adult man one day.

Some people feel the need to say stuff to me about him wearing pink or the time I posted on facebook of him in his pretty dress. I saw an adorable picture they saw something offensive. Even in our modern society people are so stuck on gender proper colors and objects. GET OVER IT! If my son wants to go out in a pink fur coat wearing a freaking princess hat, well that's his choice and his right. I'm not going to stop him. In fact I told him he was the prettiest cross dresser this side of the Mississippi.

Over the past year he's pretty much stopped wearing his sisters clothes so I'm glad I have the pictures of a time he didn't see boy girl defined the way society had it. He does however still have his purse of matchbox cars. I'm not sure if William will wear dresses too, but if he does expect pictures!

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