Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What the super bowl taught our kids

This years Super Bowl sent a ton of messages out to kids, both negative and positive. Just like any other huge event kids will take something from it. I just hope my kids picked up on the good things more than the bad.

The cheating scandal showed kids that sometimes cheaters do win. My teens were rooting for the Seahawks simply for the fact they said Tom Brady was a cheater. It's not up to me to judge or decide his guilt or innocence, just saying what my teens and their friends were saying.

Oh, but the Patriots weren't the only ones sending a bad message. I think the Seahawks did a great job of teaching poor sportsmanship with the fight at the end there. Yep, way to throw a tantrum. It reminded me of when my 8 year old loses a game and throws the board at her sister.

I was happy to see a few ads sending out some seriously good vibes. Like this Coke ad:

Not too many things send out positive messages to kids on television and online. This really helped take the edge off all the negative things around the Superbowl. I actually challenged my kids to turn a negative into a positive as this ad did. Could you imagine what would happen if we all encouraged our kids to do that?

Maybe it's time we do just that start a revolution of kindness that will spread around the world. Tell people they are loved, wanted, and cared about. Find someone who needs to hear sometime sweet and write them a note or send a text. It's not hard, it doesn't cost anything and even kids can do it. So I send out the challenge to all of you to do just that and to challenge your kids to do that same. Can you do that? Can you make the difference?

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