Friday, February 13, 2015

It's not fair!!!!!!

With 9 kids all I ever hear is It's not fair. The bigger kids stay up later the little ones respond with this. Later curfews, someone going somewhere with a friend, if one of them gets new underwear someone is going to yell it's not fair! Man, if I could only get my kids to listen to what I think isn't fair. Instead I'll make you all listen because I know you'll understand.

It's not fair I have to do the freaking laundry. I hate laundry. I loathe it to no end. If you like washing, drying, folding, and putting away you're strange...just saying, you are.

It's not fair I haven't been able to pee alone in like 16 years! I have had toddlers that long so privacy is non existent. And if it's not kids it's my perverted cats (they're watching, always watching).

It's not fair I haven't been able to it without being interrupted to watch a show in I have no idea how long. It's always during the good parts too! I can call it too, if the couple I've been wanting to get together for 6 years is about to kiss someone is about to cry.

It's not fair when I hide something in the fridge to eat later someone always finds it and eats it. When I ask why they're all I didn't know it was yours. Yeah, it was only behind the onions and carrots (things I know they aren't touching) because I wanted it found. Just once I want the last slice of pizza.

It's not fair they always eat all my Hershey Dark chocolate. That is a crime in some places I think.

It's not fair that I have had at least one kid in my bed 99% of nights for the last 15 years! Nothing like waking up with a kids foot in your mouth to put you in a good morning mood! There just isn't enough caffeine in the world!

It's not fair that I keep getting fatter while my husband keeps getting thinner. What's up with that. He was always the heavy one?

This is just the short list. What would you like to tell your kids isn't fair?