Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Want to debate?

My grandmother always told me there are three things you don't discuss with friends: Politics, money, and religion. I guess back in her times those were the big three that would cause a debate. I guess those three can still bring on a pretty good argument to this day, but the list has grown considerably of things that shouldn't be talked about with friends. Of course back then there was no internet either. Technology has brought a whole new twist to the good old fashion debate. Back in the day you couldn't block someone since your debate was likely face to face. There would always be a clear winner, no I don't like your opinion so bye bye. So here are a few examples of modern day don't discuss with friends topics.

A big one I saw on the news just today VACCINES! Whether you agree or disagree get ready to battle. Opinions on this are fierce and mommies are willing to argue their points on it til the end. I have seen many a people unfriended over this topic.

Another one that is always able to ruffle feathers CIRCUMCISION! Everyone has an opinion what's right for everyone else's sons penis. I never thought I'd see the day when baby penises were a subject so passionately argued over. Again this topic can for sure lose you friends!

In my opinion most of these topics come down to not my kids, not my choice. Each parent should choose for themselves what's right for their child and their family. I do hold very strong opinions on the topics above and a lot of people know my feelings, but I won't dare publish them here because I know it will start a debate. Those usually lead to name calling and my feelings hurt easy.

There are other topics that will stir people up in a hurry global warming, leashes for children, etc etc. What are some you know of that will get people debating?

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