Monday, February 9, 2015

Hey, it's just a little snow...

Living in Western New York we are used to a lot of snow. We live right on the snow machine called Lake Erie. A little cold air hits warmer lake waters and we're buried in lake effect snow. What some people consider a snow storm we think of as a dusting. Now so many others in the north east are getting a taste of what we call a normal. A foot a day is quite average on some winter days around here. We've learned to deal with it and make the best of it. So for my friends up farther north here are some tips to having fun in deep snow.

Roof sledding! Come on you know you want to try it! You do have to have a pitched roof for this activity. To be honest anyone with a flat roof has probably already had a cave in anyway so I am assuming you do have the proper roof for this activity.

How about some car skiing? It's easy just grab onto a bumper and hold on. Your feet are the skis. A few different regions have names for this activity, but we'll just stick with car skiing for times sake.

A street side snow fort! Just dig a hole into one of those massive piles left by the snow plows and hide out with a bottle of wine...the kids will never find you. Not that I've ever done this. Just saying it's an idea.

I spy in the snow. There are many things you can see stuck in snow, leaves, wrappers, discarded cigarette butts, foot prints, and yellow spots. Why not get the kids involved and play I spy in the snow?

For the little boys in your life you can practice writing your name in the snow, girls arn't equipped for this game.

Last but not least........wait for's coming......


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