Saturday, September 17, 2011

Application to be a mommy

There should be an application to be a mommy. It breaks my heart some of things I hear and see about parents. I just don't understand how people could do half the things they do to someone that is a part of them. The only things we have in this world that are pure innocence. I have seen news casts that make me want to reach out and smack some "mothers".

Then there are the people I know. I have actually heard mothers complaining about their children for things the kids can not help. I'll never understand how mothers can complain all the time about having a disabled child. It's tough, I get it. I have disabled children too and they are the lights of my life. Say something positive about your kids! There's more to them than doctor appointments, and bad days when things just aren't going right, or they are acting out. This applies to people with "normal" kids as well. How can you always put down your child? Is there nothing good to share? Perhaps that's why your child behaves that way to begin with! My kids do bad things too and there are days I complain, but they also make me laugh, cheer me up, and above all love me for who I am.

Your kids didn't pick you as a parent either. There is one thing I know for sure though, on mother's day you get a hand drawn card, a perfectly gluey gift, right? I would guarantee your child don't talk down on you all the time. I bet you often hear I love you. Yet people continue to say my kid is so bad, my kid is so stupid, no one understands etc. Why can't these people once in a while say my kid is so beautiful, my child is so funny, kind...

I see negative child comments mostly on Facebook. Parents, understand your child will grow up, one day they may read all those comments. What will they think when they see what you've posted? We hear so much about posting bad pictures, comments, videos. Well, what about this! Those comments are forever too.

I'm about to get down off my high horse now. Today has just been a bad day of hearing and seeing people being negative about their children. They seem to have forgotten that children bring happiness, they are not a burden, but a reflection of us as parents!



  1. Amen sister!! I really like the part about our kids being a reflection of us as parents. So very true. My belief is that we should be proud of our children but also realistic. I also can't stand the parents that think their children are saints and do no wrong. Find a happy medium and ENJOY our precious time before they are out on their own.

  2. I agree! Turning a blind eye does our kids no justice either.