Friday, September 2, 2011

That's not what buttons are for Nellie!

Oh my Nellie, how I love her. She never ceases to amaze me with the things she does and says. She's so lucky she's adorable, and funny, and sweet. Last nights escapaide was not a new one. In face Leanna had done the same thing when she was about 6. What is that thing they did... they stuck things up their noses.

In Leanna's case it was a bead that was small and she easily blew it out when I threstened no ice cream if we have to go to ER. Ice cream the worlds best cure for anything! Nellie had to take things a step further. It's never like her to not do things just perfectly when she does them. She stuck a button up her nose. Don't get me wrong this was no King Kong button, but it looked bigger than her nostril. I can't figure out how she did it, maybe she's like the stretchy woman?. All I do know is that button was way up there.
So here I was at midnight with a lighter trying to see if this button was lodged up so far we'd have to go have it sucked out or however they expel items from a childs nose. I couldn't see it, so my parinoid mind starts thinking she's going to somehow choke on this button and or get it imbedded in her sinuses forever. Thankfully my logical side took over and I held down the unclogged nostril and told her to blow, she did out of her mouth. After ten minutes of deminstrating what I wanted her to do she finally got it, but no button came out. I tried to get her to sneeze, if I'd been thinking I'd have used pepper. This also did not work. This means a call to Daddy at midnight to get him to come take her to ER. As I was explaining what happened Emma came out proudly displaying a gooey, red button that flew across the room when Nellie finally sneezed.

I was glad the button was out, but disappointed I didn't get to see it fly across the room. It's not everyday you can say you saw a child shoot a button from their nose!


  1. Ahh Steph, never a dull moment at your house. The title of you blog is clearly VERY TRUE! I have yet to experience one of my girls sticking an object in her ears or nose but did dislodge a penny from little Irelyn as she was turning blue last week. Scary!!
    Have a great holiday weekend :)

  2. Yikes! Glad that Emma came with the gooey button!!