Sunday, September 25, 2011

The things that drive me nuts (SPD and me) giveaway

I have issues! People who know me well already know that. I like to say my senses are over sensitive. I can't allow food to touch on a plate. I love the taste of onions, but will only eat them on burgers (It's a texture thing). I can't filter out noises, can't stand the sound of someone biting the collar of their shirt. This is just a small sampling of the things that drive me nuts.

They say everyone has a at least one sense that is either over or under sensitive. If a person has a few senses they probably have Sensory Processing Disorder. I have heard other adults with SPD list some strange things that drive them nuts, like the smell of ladybugs, or the sound of flys hitting a light cover. I can't stand the hum of cell phone towers. I can't hear TV's over the sound of a fan running.

You know what else drives me nuts, warm baths! I have to have straight hot water. This includes in the shower. I hate taking showers as well. I don't like the feel of water on my face. You've probably come to the conclusion now that I am a little insane. Well, I never denied that hence the name of my blog. Really though, I do have SPD and so do four of my children. That's why I promote early treatment for SPD so kids learn to adapt in a way I didn't get to because "They didn't know about these things back then".

So there are a few of the things that drive me nuts. What about you? What sense of your is more sensitive? What drives you nuts?

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