Monday, September 12, 2011

Schools: Germ infested holes!

I hate back to school time. I wish I was able to home school, but that is something I know won't work. So each September I send the kids on the bus and stock up on Lysol. It doesn't seem to make a difference though, I always end up sick. What is strange though is the children who drooled on me, drank out of my cup, etc are never as sick as I am. They could have a fever I give them Tylenol and they are back to bouncing off the walls. It';s like by the time the germs get to me they are some sort of mutant, Mike Tyson germs. They knock me out and I just can't get back up again.

I can't blame the schools for the germs that race around the building as if it were the Indy 500. It is sometimes the fault of the parents. Don't get me wrong I have sent the kids to school not knowing they were sick, but never on purpose. Parents if your child is spewing green goobers from their nose, or have a fever they are better off at home. Please don't send them to school where kids like Janelle could end up in the hospital from your child's germs. I understand you have to work, but seriously so do other parents and they know school is not a babysitter. It is not the schools responsibility to care for your sick child.

I guess in reality when you have 200 or more children crowded together in rooms of 22 or more students it's like heaven for viruses. They jump from one child to the next attaching themselves to little fingers that go in noses and mouths. Don't even get me started on lice (bet you just itched your head reading that).

Just last year we had strep throat 3 times, the flu, colds, bronchitis, and a host of other illnesses. With seven kids it seemed a never ending cycle of Kleenex and antibiotics. I think I need to invent some sort of germ force field to put around my kids everyday, because I really don't want to spend half the winter in bed.

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