Friday, September 9, 2011

Ever pull a potatoe out of a toliet?

I have pulled some strange things out of my toilet over the years. I think everyone with kids at some point has pulled a toy out of the toilet, but have you ever pulled out a potatoe? I have! I was only a small potatoes, but seriously what makes a toddler look at a potatoe and think this needs to go into the toilet. Perhaps she was trying to tell me what she thought of the taste of potatoes? All I know is it took a coat hanger and a lot of swearing to dislodge it from the back of the toilet, while a line was forming at the door waiting to use the toilet. I need one of those toilet snakes. I always dread hearing the words, Mom the toilets broke or Mom there's something in the toilet. The second may be worse than the first since if they can't see there's something in the toilet it's been flushed. Chances are if it's just something in the toilet it's floating among the nastiness left behind by a child who didn't look before they went. It's in these moments I stand staring down wondering how to best go about the retrieval of the object in the least grossest way possible. I have had some curious finds in the toilet. Not as curious as some of the things I've found in David’s room, but definitely interesting. Leanna just recently flushed fish bowl rocks after dumping the dead fair fish in the toilet. Sara flushed a bar of soap that was hiding in the floor washing water. I have saved army men from a swim in the water treatment plant, Sponges! I am always finding sponges in the toilet. Who the culprit is I don't know, I once thought maybe one of the kids was trying to be nice and clean, but then I remembered these were my kids after all. In conclusion, if you have kids keep roto-rooter on speed dial!

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