Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I have been given over 10 billion dollars or more


In the past year I have "won" over ten billion dollars, at least

 according to my spam mail. I have had long lost relatives

 leave me money. Thanks uncle Ahmed I wish I'd known you

 or even heard of you, or knew I had family in Africa.  Bank

 of Africa, Ouagadougou (yeah, Africa is always wanting to

 give me money) says I can have millions if I only come

 forward as next of kin. It's a pretty tragic story too. Aol is

 another big one that wants to give me money. I am always

 getting picked as their lucky number draw winner. The list

 goes on and on. Everyday I grow richer and richer

 according to my spam mail, so why can't I afford that trip to


I know these are all scams, but a woman can dream can't

 she. I can imagine a million things I could do with billions of

 dollars. I could get a cleaning lady! I would buy an island in

 the middle of nowhere, name it Stephopolis, and rule with

 an iron fist (this from the person who can't get her kids to

 clean their rooms). I would never cook again, have a

 chauffeur, a private jet, I'd have everything!

What would you do if all your spam mail was true?

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  1. LOL Yeah, I think I've won or been left a ton of money according to my SPAM mail too. But if it were true, I think that right now I'd be using it to pay for a chiropractor and a massage!