Monday, September 5, 2011

What's lost is found again

Some may remember my post a while back about missing objects. I blamed my laundry pile, children, and even the ghost for stealing things. Now I can say I'm pretty sure it's the ghost. How else can anyone explain things disappearing only to reappear where thy were supposed to be all along? They show up in places I had searched at least ten times and I know for sure they weren't there before. It's the strangest thing to look and look for months and when I finally stop looking, there they are. I'd say I'm losing my mind, but that was gone two kids ago. No, I'm sure my resident ghost is the culprit

The two latest examples of missing things reappearing: My ID had been missing for weeks. I searched everywhere for it to no avail. It is such a pain to cash a check with no ID, it's a good thing the kids at the grocery store don't ID me for beer anymore. Then I go into the cupboard to grab a paper I needed and there it was, right out in the open. I know there was no way I overlooked it there.The second example is my wedding ring. This has been missing since December. I'm happy to now report it is found! The issue is how did it get into a box on the top shelf of my closet, under a pile of baseball cards?

You also have to understand my ghost does things like this. He moves things around, opens doors, has turned on water etc. No fear he's not a grudge type spirit. I like to think he was a pastor since my house was a church over a hundred years ago. He just likes to let us know he's still here. What's funny is my friends were all saying I should have the house blessed to get rid of him. I don't feel the need to, he was here first after all. If only he'd lead me to some sort of hidden treasure in the house, I'll give him his own room.

You may think I'm crazy at this point. That's okay most people made that determination long ago. You could say it's the kids messing with my head and yes it's totally something they'd do, but it couldn't be since they all weren't here when my ring disappeared. So the ghost it is!

Anyone got a good name for the ghost in my house? Maybe that's what he needs a name so I can say hey ________ where's my ring! Seriously though if you have a good name for him drop me a comment!


  1. You should see about digging around the archives for your town and find out what his name really was. That would be some interesting investigating.